Since its inception in 2007, Executive Homes has grown to become one of the  largest serviced apartment group in Mumbai with properties in prime locations  around the  city .. Executive Homes is a well known brand in the industry that is credited with providing  quality and affordable accommodation to corporate  travelers that is within their budget and suits most of  their needs.
As an organization, we also believe that happy employees are productive employees. For us, everyone who works for Executive Homes or is in anyway associated with it is like a part of our family. We take care of our employees and associates just like we take care of our family members and loved ones. This creates a special bond between the employees and our organization. Our personnel policies are aimed at creating a well-satisfied workforce that takes responsibilities upon themselves and executes them with a sense of ownership. This is how our passion for service is translated into our commitment to excellence, and the idea is passed down to the newest entrant into our workforce, year after year.. We are also committed to developing company’s employees  and promoting from within, which can lead to new and exciting career directions and advancement  opportunities. Integrity, respect, and dedication is what we expect from our employees and associates.

Wok with Us , We are growing

To continue driving this growth and success, Executive Homes is always interested in hearing from ambitious, driven candidates who are passionate about this industry. If you are interested in a career that offers stability, personal and professional growth and outstanding earning potential, then working with Executive Homes can be the best career move you’ll ever make! We are looking for motivated, multi-talented, and organized people to join our diverse team. Talent, dedication and a thirst for excellence are the select few qualities that we look for in our prospective employees. If you think you have these and wish to have a career that is exciting as well as rewarding, consider joining Executive Homes. We are looking forward to meet you, watch us create history and be part of it.

Positions are available in a range of areas from front to back office at our new and existing properties, and within our corporate office in Mumbai .  We encourage a free flow of ideas, initiative and creativity within the team, and are thrilled to see our employees grow, expand and hone their skills and talents. We at Executive Homes do not hesitate in giving recognition, rewards, inventive and practical suggestions to our employees in appreciation of their hard work, dedication and results, irrespective of who or where they come from. We believe that this is what creates a string and loyal workforce which is ultimately the of any organization.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our organization and applying for a position within.

Executive Homes is an Service Apartment Company known for providing comfortable, quality accommodations . If you’re ready to see the world from a different point of view and have the drive and desire to make your professional career a success, show us your best and we’ll give you ours.Interested in a career that offers stability, advancement and outstanding earning potential? Perhaps it’s time for you to think about the BEST career move you’ll ever make!

Careers at Executive Homes

The company is growing at a very fast pace.We are looking for young ,motivated, multi-talented, and organized people to join our diverse team. If you have the talent and dedication to strive for excellence while also taking initiative hn your respective position. We are looking for you to create history and be part of it.

Why work at Executive Homes?

As an organisation, we believe that happy employees are productive employees. We take care of our people like family, and encourage them to grow with the organisation. This creates a well-satisfied workforce that takes responsibilities upon themselves and executes them with a sense of ownership. The Executive Homes Apartments passion for service is translated into our commitment to excellence, and the idea is passed down to the newest entrant into our workforce. Integrity, respect, and dedication are the fruits we reap from these seeds that we have sown.

Why make career in Tourism?

Tourism, the world over, has clearly emerged as a major driver of the economy after infrastructure, energy and petroleum sectors. As India claims its rightful place on the global tourism map, The Executive Homes is clearly poised to tap this great opportunity to its optimum potential. An indication of our growing success is our guest list which includes some of the biggest and most prominent persons in the world.

With an expanding global economy, we foresee a rapid growth in demand and plan to 5 Times the size of our brand within the next three years. By innovating and introducing multiple formats we have been able to grow fast and prove profitable for us and our partners.

Our Team

We empower our team members with responsibility and independent decision making to bring out the best in them. As part of our team, you get to be involved in exciting ventures that not only test your skills and passion, but also your mettle to handle complex situations as and when they arise.

We have extensive measurement systems and incentive schemes to identify and encourage performance. In this way, extra effort that you put toward customer satisfaction will quickly be recognized. Rewards, promotions and growth opportunities are based on performance

We do not differentiate our people with any criteria other than performance. We are an equal opportunity employer.

We encourage a free flow of ideas, initiative and creativity within the team, and are delighted to recognize, implement and reward inventive and practical suggestions, irrespective of who or where they come from. Respect for colleagues is a core value that goes hand in hand with a commitment to enjoy our work, together!

You’ll find FORTUNE in your career, with us as well , unlimited opportunities and a chance to realize your potential.

Executive Homes Employee Benefits

Executive Homes offers some of the best training, compensation and benefits in the industry.

Here’s how Executive Homes can help you as you develop your career with us and plan for your future:

    • Employee Referral Bonuses
    • Medical Reimbursement Plan
    • Educational Reimbursement Program
    • Internal and external training opportunities
    • Annual Company Functions
    • Paid Vacation, Sick Days, and Holidays
    • Employee Recognition and Awards
    • Discount Movie Passes and Theme Park Tickets
    • Bonus/Incentive Potential
    • Competitive Salaries
    • Career Development Opportunities
    • Abundant Career Opportunities
    • Educational Reimbursement
    • Employee Assistance Program

Note: Benefits may vary by Employees position of employme

Career Development Opportunities

Executive Homes has been proud of the opportunities it has provided to its Employees over the years. Recently, Executive homes launched its Career Planning Program to supplement existing efforts to find opportunities to grow Employees careers while developing their individual interests and abilities. The Program provides a more formal method, initiated by individual Associates, to excel in their current positions, expose them to new skills and/or prepare them for their next opportunity.

Other Benefits

Open Door Policy and Company-Wide Support

Staying healthy

Employees are just as important as our guests

Employee rewards,You’ll enjoy equal parts rewards and recognition

Life-Balance assistance program, We offer this program and it has has proven to act as a strong source of reference and is available anytime to all the members of our team

Dynamic Work Environment

More than 80% of Executive Homes employees have been with the company from it’s Start.

What our employees like most about working at Executive Homes

Executive Homes’s team environment — the people!

Executive Homes feel of Family and Ownership

Professional development opportunities

Executive Homes’s defined strategic goals

Our entrepreneurial and innovative culture

Training & Development programs for personal and professional growth

Executive Homes Careers – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want a bit more information about what it’s like to work at Executive Homes?

What is the work atmosphere like at Executive Homes?

Dynamic – Because it is a privately held company, Executive Homes can respond quickly to business opportunities. As a result, we value and encourage creative thinking and nimble action. As an Executive Homes Associate, you’ll have the freedom to “own” your responsibilities, take risks, and make decisions.

Progressive – Executive Homes is a Growing company, enabling it to invest in high-opportunity areas. Our growth and expansion continues to open doors for employees, and provide them with chances to learn new skills and advance at a rapid pace.

Open – All Executive Homes employees have a standing invitation to communicate with top management. So go ahead! Speak directly with a senior executive! It happens all the time because, at Executive Homes, all our employees are considered extraordinary people with great ideas.

What kind of job growth can I look forward to at Executive Homes?

If you like change and challenge, you won’t be disappointed. And if you want to spread your wings and grow professionally, Executive Home’s multi-service environment provides endless opportunity.

How do I apply for a job?

View our Current Openings within the company. You may also search for specific opportunities and apply directly on-line for any position for which you are interested and qualified.

Where is Executive Homes located?

Executive Homes is based in Mumbai . We will soon have regional offices in metro and major cities of India

How we Help Our Workforce Grow?

On-the-job training and opportunities for personal growth and development continue throughout our associates’ careers. Our associates average 100 hours of training and 28 hours of professional development each year. In addition to the growth opportunities these programs provide, specialized training paths to ensure our managers are prepared to manage our multi-generational workforce.

Does the Executive Homes spirit shine in you?

Executive Homes is a place of outstanding rewards, where talent opens doors to exciting challenges in the hospitality industry. It’s a place where career opportunities are as unlimited as your imagination. Discover your place to shine in our warm, respectful, and inclusive culture.

current openings Executive Homes offers exciting and rewarding career options in many different areas. There’s virtually no limit to where your ambition can take you .

A Career with us offers a unique opportunity to unlock potential and achieve success

If you’re someone who thrives in a dynamic environment, works well with a team, has a “service spirit” that pushes you to go above and beyond, and the confidence to speak up and share your good ideas, we want you!

At Executive Homes we are interested in people who share our passion and commitment to service excellence.

What you can do at Executive Homes:

Openings currently in the following areas

Marketing to corporate travelers

Senior Manager / Head – Sales and Business Development

Asst. Manager- Sales and Business Development

Franchise and new business development

Managing operations


F&B Production & Service


HR & Administration